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Extended Family | Sonoma County Family Photographer

I have been thoroughly enjoying extended family sessions more and more, especially when it’s a family like this! I love seeing the dynamics of families, their interactions with each other give me so much hope for humanity. Here in Sonoma County, Ca, where the cost of living is preposterous, I see so many bits of family moving elsewhere. It happened to my own family! I feel like we are the last ones left. Being able to document the whole family is something I don’t get to do often, but so grateful when people have all the trust in me.

I see cousins, siblings, in-laws, parents, grandparents, really everybody come through, looking their best, enjoying each other’s company. That’s what it’s all about, right? This family was full of happy, laughter, and comfort. It felt as if they were distracted from the camera and wrapped up in their crew, which is what I LOVE! One of my favorite part’s of cataloging these moments with young children are the bribes I get to hear. These guys, it was PIZZA! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?

Claire | Point Arena Lighthouse | Sonoma County Photographer

Give me all the fierce, intelligent women, all the fog, and all the fun on the bluffs of the Northern California Coast. This was a session where I was able to let a beautiful soul and nature take full creative control. Claire made me feel like I didn’t do anything at all. She’s a natural, she’s kind, she’s strong. The deep fog we get on the coast in the summer here has a mood of it’s own. Here at the Point Arena Lighthouse and close by at Bowling Ball Beach (appropriately named at low tide), we were really hoping for some sunshine, but I am so happy the fog stayed for us! Funny thing here, was as soon as we started driving south, just a few minutes, the fog was in the past and we saw the moonlit waves crashing below us and the stars giving us a beautiful drive home. 

Being able to spend time with other creatives renews my passion for photography. People trusting me with their moments will always keep me going. It’s not just an art, it’s a release. It’s my therapy. It joys me to hear people love over their images. The experience is so much fun, from planning, playing during sessions, to gawking over memories that will never fade. So people, let’s keep that fire burning. Keep wanting to document all your days, the good and not-so-good, it’s something I wish I had started earlier in life and something that I’m trying to catch up on. More importantly it’s what I’m doing now and that will never change. It may come in waves like the ocean, but it’s my outlet that will forever be with me. Blogging is just another one of those outlets when I have the time, but I do keep more up to date photos on my Instagram if you want to follow there.

Couples | San Francisco Fun | Sonoma County Photographer

It was my first, but not last time, creating memories at Lands End and the Sutro Baths in lovely San Francisco, Ca, with a couple excited for life. If you don’t know about either, click those links and soak up the history and lovely views! Back to that couple… C & K were those young souls we all wish we could be again. Kidless, semi-long distance, and their whole lives ahead of them created giddy passion witnessed by everybody watching. We had the most gorgeous weather… in SAN FRANCISCO!!! If you don’t know the weather here, it’s generally covered with a lovely marine layer and salty wind whipping you wherever you may be exposed to the elements. I mean, even the definition of Marine Layer usually comes with a picture of San Francisco and that red masterpiece, The Golden Gate Bridge. Read up on that bridge, it comes with some fascinating history! So, we didn’t have any fog, zero wind, AND it was quite warm! This does not happen in the summer time, so it was an evening to remember. My absolute favorite part was when we ventured through some not-so-paved trails and made it down to the water. It’s rolling waves with container ships coming in and out of the bay was a view that just drew you into the moment. C & K jumped right into the water, mind you ocean temperatures in and around San Francisco Bay hover around 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Um, super cold! And when I say jumped in the water, C actually let a wave take her into the sea… think Moana, but a little less graceful!! Besides that, the atmosphere among people around was kind and humorous. Hey K, remember what that guy said about you getting into the water?! Hehe. While we were leaving the lights of the Cliff House came on and that big round white thing lit up the sky where magic ensued. What a phenomenal evening, one I truly won’t forget, and neither will they as the evening was captured throughout.