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About Me

Well hello there! I’m Kirsten, the face behind Kirsten Melligan Photography! What would you like to know about me? I’m the wife of the best man, mom of a boy and girl, I have a yellow lab!  I love crafting - anything from woodworking to crocheting and I really want to learn how to macramé! I really enjoy my ritual of pouring my freshly brewed coffee in the morning and becoming so distracted I end up reheating the same cup three separate times by noon - not! But I really do love coffee, more as a comfort thing than an addiction. And wine. It needs it’s own sentence. Really though, living in Sonoma County, Ca, has some of the best wine in the world! Also, you will find me taking little day adventures with our kids when my husband is working just to get out of the house, grocery shopping because for some reason we never have food, or shopping online (I recently canceled my Amazon subscription and it has helped tremendously with this!) Send me a message here if you want to know more!



What I love about this creative outlet of mine is the ability to capture split-second memories for you to hold in your arms forever. We will create an entire experience for you and your loved ones; a day you will not forget. These raw moments transformed into stills are for our human minds that need a little trigger recalling the emotions of this one blip in time. This experience is all about living your best life, living for all the occasions, remembering all the feels. We will find soul and passion in the genuine light, shadows, and vibrancies of our Earth that will frame your forever memories.  Here at Kirsten Melligan Photography, it’s all about you.


Hi, it’s me Kirsten!