Extended Family | Sonoma County Family Photographer

I have been thoroughly enjoying extended family sessions more and more, especially when it’s a family like this! I love seeing the dynamics of families, their interactions with each other give me so much hope for humanity. Here in Sonoma County, Ca, where the cost of living is preposterous, I see so many bits of family moving elsewhere. It happened to my own family! I feel like we are the last ones left. Being able to document the whole family is something I don’t get to do often, but so grateful when people have all the trust in me.

I see cousins, siblings, in-laws, parents, grandparents, really everybody come through, looking their best, enjoying each other’s company. That’s what it’s all about, right? This family was full of happy, laughter, and comfort. It felt as if they were distracted from the camera and wrapped up in their crew, which is what I LOVE! One of my favorite part’s of cataloging these moments with young children are the bribes I get to hear. These guys, it was PIZZA! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?